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The Meaning Of Advent & The Coloured Candles

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The Meaning Of Advent & The Coloured Candles

Advent is fast approaching and a beautiful tradition that many churches follow is the set of Advent Candles. Three purple candles and one rose candle symbolise the 4 Sundays of Advent, with the rose candle used on Gaudete Sunday, (,11%20December%20to%2017%20December.). 

Gaudete Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent in the liturgical calendar of the Western Church, including the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican 
CommunionLutheran, Methodist, Orthodox, Presbyterian and other mainline Protestant churches. It can fall on any date from 11 December to 17 December.

The colour of the candle lit on Gaudete Sunday is a pink colour. We light one new candle each week.

The first purple candle symbolises hope.
The second purple candle symbolises peace.
The third candle is pink and is lit on Gaudete Sunday representing joy.
The final and fourth candle which is purple is lit to mark the final week of prayer and penance as we wait for the birth of our saviour. This candle is known as the Christ candle, the angel candle or the candle of love.


Even at home, the set of advent candles can be used by the family, with a scripture reading and some time of prayer. Thus the family can celebrate the season of advent with the church. At home, please take care with the flame to ensure no one gets burnt, and extinguish the candle with a snuffer to prevent excess smoke from the afterglow.


Many people make the mistake of searching for the cheapest candles available, which is a false economy. Lower quality candles burn down quickly and spill great quantities of wax. Many advent candles are only painted in purple or rose on the outside, not made of dyed wax.


We wish to support this beautiful tradition of advent with the best quality candles available in Australia, possibly the world. Our Advent Candles are handcrafted with good quality paraffin wax, with a pure cotton wick, the wax is dyed throughout, ensuring a clean and long lasting burn.



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