300gm Kochii Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil CocoSoy Candle | Angel Lights Co.

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This 300gm Premium Pure Essential Oil candle by ANGEL LIGHTS CO. is made with premium cocosoy wax. The Kochii Eucalyptus trees are only found on farms in the South Western region of Western Australia. The oil that is harvested is the world's finest quality Eucalyptus oil extracted from native Australian native oil mallees. The leaves of Eucalyptus kochii contain the unique essential eucalyptus oil that protects the tree from herbivores, and has the highest natural levels of cineole (eucalyptol) of any of the more than 800 species of eucalypts, with a natural cineole content of 90 – 95%.

This unique product is Made in Western Australia.
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  • Pure Essential Oils from Western Australia are infused in natural coconut soy wax that will enhance any space, presented in a clear, recyclable and reusable vessel and biodegradable packaging.
  • This item is not eligible for the Online Bonus Offers (this offer is for unscented candles only)
  • Light this scented candle at any time and enjoy the natural oil of the Kochii Eucalyptus tree.
300g | up to 55-60 hours burn time

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