Paschal Candle Beeswax - Design 3 Banded Cross with bands

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These beautiful designs are prepared by a graphic designer in New South Wales with striking clarity and colour.  Professionally decorated with band designs.

Wax Type:       White & Beeswax
Design 1:         Risen Christ with bands
Design 2:         Agnus Dei with bands
Design 3:         Banded Cross with bands
Design 4:         Gold Celtic with bands
Design 5:         Green Celtic with bands
Design 6:         Surrexit Icon
Size:                 5 different sizes available

The logistics involved are considerable  and we ask that you order as early as possible.
We cannot carry each option in stock, so these are Made to Order.
Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. 
These products are eligible for the Bonus Online Credit Offer.

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